fire juggler performing a show


It was just a hobby 27 years ago! Now as Solo Circus, I perform nationwide entertaining the masses with my comedy juggling shows, walkabout entertainment and circus skills workshops.

My juggling skills include:
Juggling, up to 5 balls, 4 clubs and various combinations of
axes, knives and free range rubber chickens.
Diabolo inc 2 on 1 string.
Devils sticks.
Cigar boxes,
Plate spinning.
Object balancing.
Fire & Glow Juggler

I also combine juggling skills with balance skills. During my juggling shows, I juggle whilst balanced on a freestanding ladder and also a tall unicycle.

The style I perform in is interactive and engaging, and I always pay attention to costume, making sure that it suits the event I am performing at. For details on some of the different costumes I entertain in see Comedy Characters. Whatever the event, I will always be smart but  funky, or just comical!

Mark Russell
t. 07785 394964

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