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Comedy Characters & Themes

Here at Solo Circus, I offer various comedy characters for events.  All of the acts are circus skills based using stilts, juggling and other skills, and are all performed by me in an interactive entertaining style. Most of the acts can be performed as a solo act, double act, triple and so on.  As I am not an entertainment agency, you will be booking me with 30 years experience as an entertainer, I do not send out semi professionals in my place.  I work closely with a few good performers and together we have developed some of these acts over the years.

The acts below are performed using a combination of comedy bicycles, stilt walking and circus skills.

If you are looking for something not listed here, I can use my experience to supply you with a one off act especially for your event. Please get in touch with any queries.

Comedy Juggler. This is where it all started 30 years ago and still what I am booked most to perform. Suitable for any event – daft banter, impressive juggling skills, ground based or as a stilt walker, mix & mingle or static comedy juggling show, or a bit of everything. The choice is yours!

Colour Themed Juggler / Stiltwalker. Over the years I have performed at many events a a juggler and stilt walker at events where the theme has been a certain colour or combination of colours. Gold and silver have always been popular themes, but I have worked with many others too.

 1920’s Themed Juggler ( Peaky Blinders ). Available as a ground based act or as a stilt walker.

Masked Juggler. Suitable for masquerade balls. Top hat & tails, funky mask and top notch juggling skills. Fire & glow juggling a speciality. Performed on and off stilts.

Disco Themed Stilt Walker. bustin some moves inna disco stylee!

Halloween Fire Juggler.  Zombie-esqe, pale face, darkened eyes, understated vintage costume.  Great juggling skills with a less chirpy demeanor than usual!
Also adapted to glow juggling / stilt walking act.

Mr Dandy Doo – Victorian Themed Gent.  Very popular all year round and especially at Christmas. Available as a stilt walker, ground based performer and a Penny Farthing riding gent. Very smart, top hat & tails, adding a touch of class to any event.

PC Parody – Victorian Themed Policeman.  Really fun act and very popular. Available as a stilt walker or on the Penny Farthing. Both get a great response from the public. For Victorian themed events, a combination of this and the gent are often performed.

3 Counties Morris Dancers. This act is usually performed as a triple act and sometimes a double.  The 3 Reg’s out and about on stilts, talking nonsense and making merry.  Originally created for Cheltenham Folk Festival.

The Greatest Showman. Currently a very popular theme. Stilt walking ring master, juggler, fire performer and more.

Blag-it The Wizard.  Usually seen around Halloween either as a stilt walker or trying to get his broom started.  This act uses a little magic and lots of nonsense. Expect more clown than magician!

Ship Shape, H.M.J (Her Majesty’s Jugglers).  Mostly performed as a double act. Sailor/nautical themed entertainers using stilts bikes to get around dry land. Usually seen as stilt walkers but also at ground level performing awesome 2 person juggling. Originally created for Festival of the Sea.

Pirates.   Stilt walking pirates are a must for any nautical event. Why?…because they arrrrrrrr!

Monsieur Doo – French onion seller.  French onion seller who rides around on his ridiculous comedy bicycle trying to sell his wares. Well actually, he is Mr Doo with a dodgy french accent and limited french vocabulary! A very silly act available as a stilt walker, on the stilts bicycle and also the sea sick bike. A combination of the three can also be performed at an event. Great for food events.

Monsieur Doo – French Chef.  As well as selling onions and garlic, Monsieur Doo also performs as a Chef. Always on stilts, sometimes with the stilts bicycle, a very whisky business!  Duo of chef and waiter available.

Mexican Themed Stilt walkers.  A new double act created in 2013 for a local chilli festival. Proper daft!

Racing Cyclist.   Fun act using various comedy bikes to entertain at all sorts of events, but especially great for cycling events. See Cycling Entertainer for more information.

Mr Dandy Doo – Vintage Tweed Cyclist.  A ride in the country you say…marvellous! Tweed run style cycling entertainer on a Penny Farthing. A cheeky chap indeed. Great for vintage and retro events.

Mr Dandy Doo – Country Gent.  More Tweed. This stilt walking character likes to take a stroll around your event, especially if it’s a garden or country festival. Meeting and greeting, mixing & mingling a speciallity.

The Angels of the West.  Stilt walking angels will turn heads and attract plenty of attention. A great meet & greet act. When lighting is low, these angels perform other worldly juggling with glowing props. Available as a solo and double act.

Mr Doo – Medieval Jester.  Stilt walker or not. Even known to unicycle, juggle with fire and generally act the fool.

Regency Footmen.  This is a great example of a bespoke act that was created for a client’s theme. A meet & greet act using two charming, professional entertainers to greet guests to a corporate event. A spectacular success.

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